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When diving into a home or office project, an interior designer will be your best friend. We are here to not only create a seamless design process with an absolutely beautiful end product, but to help ensure mistakes are avoided when selecting bathroom tile combos, the best type of wallpaper for the accent wall or even the right dimensions of that sofa you want in the sun room. 

For the services of E-Design, Wall Covering Install, or Furniture + Decor Styling , the process is very simple - email us to book the desired service and get started with the initial phone call or visit! We will contact you immediately after confirmation should we need any additional information.

If you have an entire house renovation or new build, the Full-Service Interior Design Management is going to be a life saver. From start to finish, Principle Designer, Kristin Barton, will work tirelessly to bring your vision to reality. The steps below gives a break down of the detailed process on these services.

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Call or email to book a free design consultation. This allows us to review the scope of work on the project, listen to the client's desired design and create a proposal that works with the client's budget. Our job is strictly on the design management side of the project. However, we work with a network of trusted contractors should the client need referrals to quote the project. 



Once the complimentary consultation is complete, a contract proposal will be sent to review and sign. At this point, a 40% deposit of the project will be due in order to initiate the contract. After completed, scheduling of your first appointment date will be made for within a week to get the ball rolling on your project.

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Full design development is underway at this point. Colors, layout, mood, functionality, structural changes and overall dynamics of the project are calculated to ensure design flow. Measurements are recorded for 2D & 3D renderings, meetings with any architects established and mood boards are presented for the client to review.



This stage is where the "heavy" work happens with contractor reports created and material ordering. Based on final mood boards for each room and space, material selections are sent to the client for approval. Once all items are approved, trade discounts are applied and invoices for each category are sent for payment. After processing, materials are ordered in waves for delivery and a detailed A+D Project Report is created for clients and contractors for reference. Another 40% deposit is due at this time.




Once materials are delivered, the installation process begins for the hired contractors. Depending on the scope of work, along with any permits, will determine the timeline of completion. After all the dust has settled we bring in a cleaning crew for a solid, deep clean. This then allows for wallpaper installation, as well as furniture, art and decor placement. Final production photography is the last touch and voila!

The Key Element to
Our Client Satisfaction

In addition to the unique eye for tropical interior design, we are proud to integrate quality and affordability at the forefront. Contracts for our clients are budget conscious and presented based on the detail and square footage of a project, not by the hour or off commissions of materials. We also operate through the Houzz Pro Platform from start to finish, so client's have full transparency of the project. This structure ensures a high level of integrity to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner in addition to using the best quality in material selection to complete the job and meet the client's overall needs.

Bring Your Vision to Reality

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